The Parklane Espresso Story

Parklane Espresso began as a dream for owner Adam McMenamin. In 2006 he left Ireland with a rucksack and not much else and headed to Australia. His plan was to have fun on a working holiday with a couple of his friends.

After working in some pretty tough jobs (down a mine, landscape gardening, to name a few) he finally landed a job as a server in one of Melbourne’s trendiest and liveliest cafes located in the financial district of the city. This was his introduction to a totally new scene. Up until then, Adam believed coffee was about throwing a few supermarket bought dried granules into a mug, add as much sugar as needed to even out the bitterness, add boiling water and voilà – coffee! He was mistaken!!! This new job made him think about coffees origins for the first time and showed him that, if done correctly, real coffee was a beautiful beverage!

After falling hard for the coffee scene, a plan started to form. Step one of this was education. The on the job training was of course absolutely essential. What followed was a return to education and a degree in hospitality management. Expensive, intense but a hugely informative three years! The late nights spent researching, the Christmas’ where he couldn’t celebrate at home and then months of Ramen noodles all paid off when Adam finally gained his qualification. Adam didn’t return to Ireland right away, he stayed put, gaining experience and working on his business plan.

Putting the plan into action!

Adam finally bid Oz an emotional farewell in December 2013. He arrived back in Ireland just in time to celebrate Christmas and got serious about bringing specialty coffee to the Irish market.

Work had already begun on the old Rathmines building (special thanks to Gary and Kevin) getting renovated from top to bottom.

Hard work pays off!

Since opening its doors in 2014, Twofifty has gone from strength to strength. It quickly began accumulating fans and awards!

The café employs three full time chef’s, and the mixture of wholesome food, great coffee, cool music and of course Wifi (lol) has meant most of our customers become regular visitors! The roasting side of the business has been warmly received especially among cafes and restaurants that care about what they serve their customers.

We knew our product was good, but we were a little surprised with how quickly the momentum built. By the end of the summer 2016, such was the demand for our coffee beans we needed a new roaster and bigger premises to roast and distribute our beans.


ECM are a German company supplying high specification coffee machines, coffee grinders and accessories for domestic and commercial use. These machines have a wonderful reputation among anyone in the coffee business but until recently, they could only be supplied from Germany.

In September 2016, ECM and Parklane Coffee Company agreed to become the only company to supply their products in Ireland! Of course, we are honored and proud to do so.