ECM is a team of specialists who combine years of experience with outstanding competence in the construction of coffee machines. The company has at its disposal a core of highly qualified and experienced staff.

Wolfgang Hauck, the company’s founder and head of ECM Manufacture GmbH, has been active in the espresso business for more than 25 years and was highly influential in the institution of Italian espresso culture in Germany. ECM espresso machines are produced by their own manufacturer in Milan and marketed selectively worldwide through ECM-trained specialist dealers.

At Park Lane Espresso we supply an extensive range of coffee machines and accessories for consumers and businesses.  Our machines are designed and produced by ECM, a German company supplying high specification coffee machines, coffee grinders and accessories.

These machines and products have a wonderful reputation with everyone in the coffee business but, until recently, ECM products could only be supplied from Germany. That changed in September 2016 when Park Lane Espresso entered into an agreement with ECM and became sole distributor for their line of products in Ireland!


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