Clean Grind for Cleaning Grinder Burrs 500g


Developed by us and produced Grinder Cleaner Clean-Grind is a leading product in the greenery base. This means that we use here a mixture of various grains and natural products, so you can clean the dead space of your coffee grinder quickly and easily. What is so special about CleanGrind? Why can I not just my mill according to the old “grandmother” principle cleaned with rice? Well, that worked under the same conditions as the “then” brought a coffee mill. Today’s espresso grinders stuck to it just stuck or have other problems if you stop in between what each would have a tedious screwing result.
The trick is to create a cleaner mill, in which the mill is not increased, but the dead space is cleaned thoroughly and comprehensively as possible and above all does not change the grind setting, which would otherwise necessitate a readjustment of the mill.
So this all works perfectly well, we ask you:
1. Drain the beans container, leave the remaining coffee beans run dry and clean as far as possible with a brush grinder before.
2. Set the grinder before cleaning by running a “medium grind” – so you prevent that moves the grinding adjustment.
3. After approximately 40g CleanGrind are gone, you can refill it with coffee beans.
The first coffee with the remains of the cleaner should be disposed of.
During the first grinding processes even particles of the cleaner can arise, what your espresso taste but not impaired, but the remote oily and may become rancid coffee fats guarantee now again a delicious fresh cappuccino or espresso enjoyment.

CleanGrind offers the following advantages:
1. Best value for money through self-production
2. Easy to use and dosage
3. Available in household and catering sizes


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