ECM Aroma C Water Filter Kit (89445)

25.17 Excluding Vat


This filter is only for vibration pump models



PLEASE NOTE: this filter is not for Rotary pump machines.

(Synchronika, Technika IV & V,  Mechanika IV, Elektronika II, all have rotary pumps.)

Suitable for Casa, Classika, Puristika and  Mechanika V Slim

Filter Kit = 2 Water filter cartridges + 2 Water test strips

Water Filter cartridge reduces the limescale content in drinking water. This protects your Espresso machine against calcification.

Approx life of filter, one month

A once off purchase of stainless steel Adapter no P6024 is necessary to fit this filter. Current price €24.50

See Filter Options “IX watercare” plumbed in water filters



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