Latte Art Set (3 tools) for Latte Art, Cappuccino, Espresso

19.45 Excluding Vat

  • High-end Latte Art Tool Kit (set of 3 specialized, fine-tipped pens)
  • Six functional choices – for Latte Art Coffee Art
  • Create beautiful and elaborate designs and images on your cappuccinos – you will amaze your friends and customers
  • perfect tools for Barista – great for decorating the milk froth on your coffee and cappuccino
  • 3 Latte Art Tools: Spoon-Lance / Knob-Hook / Spatula-Spike
  • Comes in a beautiful Professional Case. Magnetic so the tools stay in place

Provides six functional choices combined in three tools, is a favourite among professional baristas. Latte Tool Spoon-Lance + Latte Tool Knob-Hook + Latte Tool Spatula – Material: stainless steel, handles Silicone – Dimensions: Diameter 0.4″, Length 8″ – Diameter 10mm, Length 200mm

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Ø58mm, Ø57mm, Ø56mm, Ø55mm


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