Sanremo Racer NAKED / FREEDOM 2 Group

Sanremo coffee machines were created to achieve absolute freedom. Smart technologies that enable many useful functions make the work of the baristas a lot more enjoyable and faster along with helping them prepare coffee that’s of impeccable quality.

The operations of all coffee machine groups are reflected in their displays. Through the display you can easily program each group’s pre-infusion time, temperature and water volume for extraction. Each group enables you to save 4 different user profiles, as well as setting the continuous dispensing function.

Two group coffee machine’s technical features:

– Dimensions (HxDxW): 534 x 680 x 877 mm.
– 2 steam wands.
– 1 water tap.
– 1 one-cup portafilter.
– 2 two-cup portafilters.


Conceived from the experience and wishes of an excellence team.
Made to be innovative under any aspect. Created for you.


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