Sanremo Verona RS 3 Group

Sanremo “Verona RS” has all the technological features to create the most perfect coffee drinks. The Energy Saving System ensures even 30% energy savings compared to traditional espresso machines, making the “Verona RS” an irreplaceable coffee preparation appliance.

Don’t be fooled by the looks! There’s a powerful motor under that sporty-looking shell that truly makes a difference. The RS system allows to adjust the temperature for each brewing group separately. The control unit manages three different temperature reading levels, thus ensuring the highest levels of thermal stability, with a variation of ±0.2°C and full steam power.

To ensure an even more spectacular performance, RS guarantees fully separate dispensing of both coffee and steam, making sure they do not interfere with one another. Moreover, each dispensing unit has its own boiler, whereas the main boiler is specifically dedicated to hot water and steam production.

Three group coffee machine’s technical features:

– Dimensions (HxDxW): 590 x 610 x 1050 mm.
– 2 steam wands.
– 1 water tap.
– 1 one-cup portafilter.
– 3 two-cup portafilters.


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