Water Filter For Coffee ix-ION-02 / Capacity 4100ltr.

178.00 Excluding Vat


For great tasting hot beverages.

For Coffee Machines/ Water Coolers/Ice Machines/Vending Etc

Improve the quality and taste of your coffee and hot beverages whilst being more ECO friendly. The iX ION 01 and 02 (Ion Exchange), save you money and keep you green. Specially formulated media insert to reduce scale and provide superior taste, aroma and crema for outstanding results.

Available in iXION 01 and iXION 02 versions. Capacity 2250ltr and 4100ltr


For scale reduction & improved taste

Improve the quality and taste of your drinking water while being more ECO friendly. The iX ION filter saves you money and keeps you green.

Easy to install and a quarter turn release mechanism shuts of water supply for easy maintenance.

Variable Bypass

The iX ION head has a variable bypass to allow some untreated water to be dialled back into the water supply. This is essential for better coffee extraction and taste.

NSF Certified components & WRAS certified media. Suitable for Vending and Food Service Applications.

Eco Friendly

Insert Refill Technology provides a genuinely sustainable and cost effective alternative to mainstream cartridge filters. When you order a new iX ION or a replacement Media Insert Refill, you’ll receive a free recycling kit consisting of a pre-paid envelope, and a sealable, watertight bag. Going green has never been so easy!

Additional information

Dimensions 47.5 × 13.4 cm


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